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I have been a chef since I started my career at age 17 in New Zealand. However I was born in Lincolnshire to an Italian father and British mother who relocated to NZ when I was only 7 even then I vowed I would return. I have worked in various kitchens from garden centres to restaurants to school kitchens and even an activity farm but from age 20 it has always been my goal to own and run my own cafe. 

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I had been living in the village of Langford for a year and always craved a decent coffee while out walking my dogs. Then one day I noticed the butchers was closing down and I decided to find out who owned the shop... 

Lucky for me my Uncle Alf who was a builder was extremely supportive of my idea and was willing to help me revamp the shop into a cosy cafe. Even though he was going through chemotherapy at the time he was always there and without him none of it would have been possible. Unfortunately he died to lung cancer not long after opening and is still a big inspiration to me daily. I also had a lot of help from my best mate and her family also who helped me clean, paint and find equipment!

I change the menu weekly to keep it interesting and make nearly all of the food from scratch on site with local ingredients daily. I have a lot of NZ inspired dishes and the Ozone coffee I use first began in the little town in New Zealand called New Plymouth where I was brought up!

I really hope I have created a cosy village atmosphere with friendly staff and great food. USB plugs and charging cables are also supplied so bring your laptop and enjoy a NZ Ozone coffee in a friendly village cafe.

Look forward to meeting you soon. Nikki

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